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Argentina03/08/2022ALADI/CR/di 5354
Bolívia31/01/2022ALADI/CR/di 5254
Brazil 29/07/2022ALADI/CR/di 5352
Chile03/08/2022ALADI/CR/di 5353
Colombia13/05/2022ALADI/CR/di 5319
Cuba19/01/2022ALADI/CR/di 5248
Ecuador19/07/2022ALADI/CR/di 5346
Mexico09/06/2022ALADI/CR/di 5325
Panama25/06/2021ALADI/CR/di 5163
Paraguay03/03/2022ALADI/CR/di 5272
Peru22/07/2022ALADI/CR/di 5349
Uruguay28/05/2021ALADI/CR/di 5149
Venezuela26/10/2021ALADI/CR/di 5209


Once accessing the selected country, the information presented includes four columns, which refer to:

First column

-Organization/name of the official: includes the list alphabetically sorted of organizations and officials in-force and not in-force.

Second column

- Communication of the Permanent Representation to ALADI published as ALADI/CR/di: refers to the note forwarded by the Permanent Representation to the ALADI with the amendments in the list of organizations and officials of its country, published as an informative document by the General Secretariat.

Third and fourth columns

- Authorization and cessation dates: it points out the date from which the official is authorized to issue certificates of origin and the date in which he/she is disabled.

When accessing the link of the official, the governmental organization may access the digitized form of the register of signature.